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Short History About TATARA

Updated: May 14, 2021

Tradition from ancient times

In Georgia, the country of viticulture and winemaking, besides of making wine from grape juice, “Churchkhela (TATARA) making also, have long history and traditions.

Main ingredients: grape juice, wheat flour and various of nuts.

In archaeological excavations of the burials of the second century BC, clay plates are found with “Churchkhela” making scenes on them and special clay vessels in which the ancient Georgians kept it.

Product Usage

Georgians are using Churchkhela (TATARA) to increase workability and strengthen their immunity.

Even from ancient time it was energy food for Georgian warriors and travelers and it still holds a significant place in mountain shepherds and travelers food ration because it could be kept for a long time without special conditions.

Once it is 100% natural product it's useful for people of all ages.

As a sweet candy you can enjoy TATARA with Coffee and Tea.

Useful Features

  • Antidepressant and Metabolism regulator - hard boiled grape juice, which TATARA is made from, contains a large amount of antioxidants that are vigorously excreting the harmful substances and poisons from the body.

  • The heart muscle's nourishment and Activation of blood formation - with large amount of potassium TATARA actively helps to nourish heart muscles.

  • Mental activator and Insomnia regulator– the walnuts, which scientists have recognized as the favorite food for the brain gives TATARA additional special feature for mental activity.

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