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Our Story

About Company

FIA LLC is established more than three years ago and is producing natural and healthy snacks from vegetables.


Snack production is fast-growing and high-demand industry worldwide. Last year revenue from snack sales reach more than       1 billion USD worldwide.


One of the most important challenges of the modern world is recycling production waste and minimizing its effect on the environment. People all over the world are demanding healthy food products. There is an increased call for natural, plant food, which does not contains artificial ingredients.


Our production is not connected to this risk because all ingredients are natural and its waste is biodegradable.

Fia’s team is highly trained professionals in confectionery field and preparing product with HACCP and EU food standards.

Our production is being regularly checked by national food agency and authorized laboratories.


Products are exported to EU, GULF countries and Ukraine.


Company have an ambitious goal: offer the healthy alternative of snacks to consumers all over the world!

About Product

Company’s first product is Vegetable Roll Up.

This is a kind of innovation (slightly different from fruit roll ups), interesting and promising product.

It is made from variety of vegetables (pumpkin, bell paper, carrot, broccoli, beetroot) and have full potential to become one of the most demanded natural snack.

Product does not contain any additives, coloring or preservatives.

Product is highly comfortable from marketing point of view:

  • Long shelf life – 12 month

  • Comfortable for logistics – easy transportation for dealers and distributors

  • Easy to store – in a dry place (0-22)°C / (32-72)°F

  • Flexible packaging – stand up and/or hanging on shelf with transparent view

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